Jotunheimen, Breheimen, Stolsheimen

The mountains surrounding the Sognefjord brings you close to spectacular views and unforgettable moments, we have a lot of hikes in our portfolio which can be divided into light, medium and hard hiking.  


Hiking with various difficulties

Hiking can be a very hard and long tour, or a short trail, both with spectacular views that takes your breath away.
Our guides are well trained and have skills to bring you safely to the places you want to go.
During the hike it is possible to enjoy our packed lunch or picnic with local fresh ingredients.


Top tours

In this relatively small area of Norway there are 56 mountain tops above 2000 meters. So if you are into a real challenge, conquer them all, or just choose the one you prefer. Is it the tallest, or the one with the most spectacular view or path?
On all these hikes we use special guides with a high-level of knowledge for your safety.


Scenic views

There are a great number of easy accessible scenic viewpoints in our area, it is just a short hike or a walk and you are there. Some of them are also accessible by bus or minibus. Some viewpoints are not so easy to reach, and it can be a long hike to get there, it's all up to you.


Mountain Pastures

Join in on a tour to our summer mountain pastures. These are the places where our ancestors kept their livestock in the summer to ensure good quality pastures for the livestock, and for the grass home on the farm to grow. The story of how they lived and took care of their animals is told during the tour. It is possible to have a outdoor lunch with delicious local ingredients during these tours.


Scenic walks

Wherever you turn you will find beautiful views here, but some of the views are most spectacular.  There is a lot of opportunities to do scenic walks in Western Norway, it only depends on how long you prefer the walk to be. We will recommend what is best, after your preferences and ability.


Waterfall walks 

We have a lot of waterfalls, and there is an opportunity to have a walk where you can see 4 waterfalls at the same trip. You will have the spectacular Vettisfossen waterfall as the Grand Finale. Vettisfossen waterfall has a free fall of 275 meters, this makes it Norway's and Northern Europe's highest non-regulated waterfall. This tour is very spectacular, and not too difficult. We can also offer the opportunity to have packhorses carry your backpacks.


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