Cultural walks

A great way to discover an area is to set out on foot and gain a sense of the place's atmosphere and history. There are a number of guided tours you can be a part of. Many of these are heritage-walks while others showcase culture and art in ways that equally tells wonderful stories giving an insight into our community


Trails from Medieval times

This is a perfect opportunity to walk on trails that vikings, King Sverre and King Olav the holy and his men has traveled. Hear the history told during the walk about villagers who stood up against the king due to high taxes and built defenses along these trails. We will tell you how and where.


Small village/hamlet walks

If this is your preferred choice, you will get first hand knowledge about our small communities, there are a lot of history to tell and you also get a glimpse on how we live today.


Pilgrimage trails

We walk ancient pilgrimage trails in the footsteps of our forefathers who did these walks as a tribute to the gods. It is possible to walk parts of the trails or full hike trails. These tours is performed with skilled guides that tells you the stories about the pilgrims. We arrange luggage transport, overnight accommodations and meals during the walks when necessary.


Kings road on Filefjell mountain walks

Kongevegen, the kings road over Filefjell mountain is a truly amazing experience, here you can experience Norway's most beautiful walks. Kongevegen was the main road from east to western parts of Norway and farmers on both sides were obligated to do the job to get the mail and government officials safely over the mountain after the king's command. The road are approximately 110 km long, but we walk the most interesting parts of the road and get the stories about this magnificent ancient road.


Scenic walks

Wherever you turn you will find beautiful views here, but some of the views are most spectacular.  There is a lot of opportunities to do scenic walks in Western Norway, it only depends on how long you prefer the walk to be. We will recommend what is best, after your preferences and ability.


Waterfall walk

We have a lot of waterfalls, and there is an opportunity to have a walk where you can see 4 waterfalls at the same trip. You will have the spectacular Vettisfossen waterfall as the Grand Finale. Vettisfossen waterfall has a free fall of 275 meters, this makes it Norway's and Northern Europe's highest non-regulated waterfall. This tour are very spectacular, and not too difficult. We also have the opportunity to have packhorses carrying your backpacks. 


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