How to get here

There are several options to get to western Norway.
Flying: There are regular direct flights to Bergen or Oslo from major cities in Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle-east and USA.  We can pick you up at the airport in Oslo or Bergen, or you can fly from Oslo or Bergen to Sogndal Airport for pick up there.

By train: We highly recommend to travel to our region by train, as this will give you a nice opportunity to see fantastic landscapes and scenic views along the route. It is possible to travel by train to Otta, Gol,Voss or Flam where we will pick you up. We especially recommend the tour from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Otta. Here we pick you up and then drive through Jotunheimen, where you will have the most wonderful experience! This tour can also be made by trains from Hamburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg or Stockholm.
Or follow Bergensbanen and take the famous railway to Flam, one of the most scenic tours in the world!

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