History and UNESCO sites

Since ancient times the Sognefjord has been the most important way of getting people and goods from the coast to Viking settlements along the fjord. Many of the Vikings which raided England, settled on the shores of the fjords. 
We still find viking graves that will be interesting for archeologists. You will also find old hamlets, churches, paths and farms with a lot of history, and our local guides can tell you these stories, spiced up with local anecdotes. 


Unesco Sites Tours

There are 3 Unesco sites in western Norway. It is Bryggen in Bergen,  Naeroyfjorden close to Flåm and last but not least, the stave church in Urnes. The church is built in the second half of the 12th century and is one of the oldest and best preserved stave churches in the world. The church is built in Roman style and the wood carvings are of a very high quality. Together with traditional craftsmanship at the time, it becomes a melting pot of Roman, Celtic and old Norse art traditions. It is a must on your bucket list.


Stave churches tours

There are a total of 28 preserved stave churches in Norway, 7 of them are in close range of our area, all churches are accessible for the public and will be visited with highly knowledgeable guides.


Viking history tours

The viking history spans over centuries, there are still traces after them everywhere in western Norway. We can offer a wide span of sites and knowledge of how the vikings lived and how they became the feared vikings. One of the sites is a reconstructed viking town, Njardarheim, which is open for public all year round. People actually live here as vikings! Here you will learn about how the vikings lived, the architecture, food, craftsmanship, clothes, paint, culture, music etc.  whilst you are wandering amongst the houses and people in the viking town. You will also be able to purchase viking artifacts reproduced in the original material and craftsmanship.


Local historical tours

This is a perfect opportunity to walk on trails that vikings, King Sverre and King Olav the holy and his men has traveled, and hear the history told during the walk. Villagers stood up against the king due to high taxes and built defenses along these trails, we will tell you how and where. Also we have the opportunity to walk an ancient road made by vikings to get their valuables home after a viking raid to the British isles. There are also the old postroad between Bergen and Trondheim, and pilgrimage-paths to be explored.


Farming historical tours

Farming has been a way of survival since ancient times. In western Norway there was no such thing as doing this the easy way. Steep hills and small areas made farming a challenge. We do know the history and are more than willing to tell it.


Meet the locals

These tours are made on request when we know the field of interest for your customers. You might want to meet an old lady that can tell you the story of how her childhood was, and how it was to grow up in Norway. Or maybe you want to hear how we live and work today? You can visit a farm, taste the crops, listen to the farmer when he tells about how he runs his farm, and how his ancestors have founded it. Or maybe you want a mix of different storytellers? We do have some really good ones in our portfolio.


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