Activities for everyone 

Are you very fit or more relaxed? We can provide you with the exact level of activities that suits you.


Hikes, walks and pilgrimage

It's all up to you. Hikes will be made with different levels from light to very hard. Walks is more relaxing and you can be accompanied by local historians that will tell you about the history of the places where you walk.



Is a stunning experience on the King of fjords, Sognefjorden. Kayaking on beautiful lakes is also an option.
Depending on your skills we suggest where to go kayaking. If you need a course in kayaking, we can provide that as well.



Biking can be performed with e-bikes or mountain bikes, you can ride a flat romantic route along the fjord or you can do downhill biking down steep mountain sides. Or if you are into a challenge we can recommend one of the annual competitions with  long distance tours over several mountains on paved roads.


Freediving, diving or snorkeling

We are ready to give you a wonderful experience on the coast of Norway or in the Sognefjord. Skilled guides will follow you on your tour.
We have a lot of opportunities for hunting big fish on the coast, or you can dive for scallops, crabs,mussels and clam shells.


Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing is truly an amazing experience in western Norway. Start your hunt for deers on the coast with skilled well trained guides and then go to the inner parts of the King of fjords, Sognefjorden for another adventure with hunting for deer or grouse in the mountains. You can then continue over Sognefjellet mountain to hunt for elk and reindeer in Jotunheimen.
Fishing is another activity that will bring you close to the nature. We can provide salmon and sea trout fishing in the Queen of rivers, Laerdalselva or another of our rivers open for salmon fishing.


Winter activities 

There is a wide range of winter activities, if you are into skiing there are several options. You can follow a skilled guide on a Mountain top tour or you can go cross country on ski trails at different locations. There are also several ski lifts in the area if you like downhill or slalom. We can also provide snowshoe hikes with a variety of difficulties.
A new and exotic activity is to have a dog sledding ride with huskies; have a look here:

Combined with a spa-experience at Lustrabadet, and a gourmet meal at a local restaurant, this can be a boost for you! Here is an example, amongst many, of what you can experience!


Animal walks and tours

There are several possibilities to watch animals like deer, lama and alpaca close up, and also learn about these animals and the habitats they live in. We also have the possibility to walk together with and interact with some of the animals. One example is an alpaca walk where you can walk a path together with these beautiful animals. 

Have you heard about riding with huskies in the summer time? This summer it is possible to go with the huskies in trolley-wagons to remote places. A perfect opportunity to interact with these beautiful dogs. And also a very good option if you are not able to walk these paths, you will still be able to experience the wilderness and stunning landscape.


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