The King of fjords

Sognefjorden at the west coast of Norway is a truly an amazing experience, the high steep mountains and beautiful views is really breathtaking. Sognefjorden is Norway's longest fjord and it is also the second longest fjord in the world, 127 miles long and 1430 yards deep, this makes it the deepest point at the Norwegian coast. Several of the branches of the Sognefjord are also famous such as the Sognesjøen which is the longest of the branches spanning a length of 22 miles. The Naeroyfjord is also a famous branch of the Sognefjord because in 2005, UNESCO listed it as one of the world heritage sites. This branch is also famous because the National Geographic Society considered it one of the premier world heritage sites. Naeroyfjord is a very popular destinations for tourists in Norway.

Since ancient times the Sognefjord has been the most important way of getting people and goods from the coast to settlements by the fjord. Many of the Vikings on raids to United Kingdom, where settled on the shores of the fjords, and here we still find viking graves that is interesting for archeologists.

There are several ways to explore the King of Fjords, send us a request and we will suggest what we can do for you. Whatever you choose to do, you will have a fantastic and stunning experience.


Fjord Cruises

Fjordcruises on the Sognefjord to Naeroyfjord, Lusterfjord, Aardalsfjord and Lærdalsfjord.


Fjord sightseeing 

Fjord sightseeing along the Lusterfjord, Naeroyfjord (UNESCO)and  Sogndalsfjord with coaches, minibuses, by bike or walks.


RIB Tours

RIB Tours on the stunningly beautiful Lusterfjord with stories from the locals and a stop to go onshore at the amazing Feigefossen waterfall, your muscles taking pictures, will be put to a test.



Kayaking or SUP paddling on the Aardalsfjord, Lusterfjord or inland lakes. Feel the nature speak to you when you slowly glides along the shores. 


Diving & Freediving

Diving or Freediving at the coast of western Norway and in the Sognefjord. Go big game hunting underwater or collect clamshells for your lunch.


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